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My career, but more importantly...


I never thought of what I did at work as anything other than a job. I knew I loved it, more important I loved doing it well. I discovered just how lucky I am when reading an article that differentiated between a job and a calling. I knew then that this was exactly what I was meant to do. It speaks to my soul, not just my brain, much less my pocketbook. My heart goes into everything I do and now that I'm blessed to be able to venture out on my own, I get to do the best work of my life. No cutting corners, no settling, no stressing over time constraints, just a job well done. Always.

I was born in Texas, and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. It was here that I wrote my first book, a little ditty about a horse and a cow who fell in love. I was in the first grade. I won my first chapter book as a prize given for a poster contest, "Charlotte's Web." It was read to us by our teacher and was my favorite book. I was that kid who always tried to win the summer reading challenge.


In 1978, at the age of 15, my family came to live in Cape Coral, Florida. It was here that I began my professional journey, when I started a job at the Cape Coral Daily Breeze, in the Editorial Department. My editor's wife, Debby Wood, was publishing a book based on her writings, which often appeared in the Lee County Shopper buying guide, and I was asked to do the typesetting. This was back before personal computers, we produced galleys which were pasted to boards with blue grids, . . . and that's a different story.

Having graduated high school, I left the Breeze and took a position at a desktop publishing service bureau at 18 years old. In the 28 years that followed, I assisted with the layout and design of several books, including the Malia & Teacup children's book series, by author Dr. Molly Barrow. In 2011, I joined the staff of a local printing company, where I was introduced to Mr. Jon Larsen Shudlick, and along with his wonderful companion, Phyllis Marino, we embarked on our first book together, "Lincoln Elementary Dream Team." Jon and I have since gone on to publish ten books together, under the label Critical Thinking Institute. In addition to formatting the books and cover design, I am tasked with procuring appropriate graphics and placing them strategically within the document. (Mr. Shudlick likes to accompany his content with visual enhancements, as a tool for engaging his readers.) 


In 2017, after reaching out to long-time friend and colleague, Jeff Schlesinger, Advertising and Integrated Marketing, I was asked to provide computer layout and design services to Barringer Publishing and have been involved with the production of over 20 books. A full-service hybrid, independent publishing house, Barringer Publishing has provided me with more than an outlet for my creative skills, I'm challenged regularly with new demands of both print and digital publishing.

In working with Barringer Publishing I have been able to continue with the Malia & Teacup children's series in addition to a wonderful guide for step-parenting called "Stepparenting Essentials," by Dr. Molly Barrow.

My many years of experience and a few books under my belt, bring me to the place where I say to you, the reader, do you have a book in your closet? Maybe you've thought of writing a book. When the time comes that you take it out and dust it off, or you sit down to start tapping away at your word processor, make sure my page is bookmarked so you can come back and give me a call. I'm ready and able to get you started, I have the tools and the contacts to get your book published. Let's take this journey together.

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